FlexiAlbum Photo Viewerは、iOSデバイス向けに開発されたタグ管理型の写真ビューワーです。




 対応言語:    日本語、英語 Japanese, English  : Language
 対応OS: iOS 4.2 以降   iOS 4.2 ~  : Target OS
 対応機種: iPhone 3G 以降   iPhone 3G ~  : Target Device
 販売価格: 170 円  US$1.99  : Price

FlexiAlbum Photo Viewer is a photo viewer application that manages photo tags, it is designed for iOS devices.

The FlexiAlbum does not copy photos from default folder in the device to applications folder.

Loading photos as needed, and a database associated with the local address of pictures and the tag information.  It is to prevent double save between applications folders and default folders, it is designed not to compress the storage of device.  In addition, there is no need to move from the standard photo folder, does not prevent a reference to a standard folder from another application.

This application has been featured photos posted to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

We will continue to add features and improvements in the future.